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As the monastery’s first alumnus-monk and the school’s first alumnus-headmaster, Father Gregory has had a lifelong relationship with the abbey family. As his mother recalls, the moment he was born his father called the Prior to enroll him in the school. He discerned his call to be a monk while still a student at the Priory School—a call he would answer only after he had tested it thoroughly at the University of Pennsylvania.

At the start of his monastic life, Father Gregory expected that he would dedicate his life to prayer and teaching, perhaps one day becoming the Novice Master. He will indeed be remembered as the Novice Master but also as the Prior, Headmaster of the school for ten years, and a host of other titles. As Headmaster, Father Gregory works to strengthen the school’s religious formation and Benedictine character, while increasing demand and enrollment, and maintaining its rigorous academic standards.  Father Gregory, in addition to his role as Headmaster, also teaches courses in theology and English in the school.



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Homilies / Essays

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On his call

Abbot Thomas’s Message on Father Gregory’s Headmastership

Priory Legacy Bio

Place of birth:
Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis Priory School

University of Pennsylvania:
B.A. in English
Benjamin Franklin Scholar

St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN:
Master of Divinity
M.A. in Theology

Breadloaf School of English,
Middlebury College:
M.A. in English

Current Work:
Prior of the Monastery
Monastic Council
Maryville College Board
Novice Master
Theology Teacher
School Chaplain
Choir Master

Youth ministry