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All of these books are available at the Priory School Bookstore. Contact Ann Staed, the Bookstore Manager, to purchase a copy by phone (314-434-3690 ext. 140) or email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

WILD... alphabet

By Ralph Wright, O.S.B.

$ 19.95

WILD is a clever, witty and humorous book. It is just plain fun for all ages except perhaps very young children who might not understand the humor. It is a great coffee table book. It brings many laughs out of teenagers and senior citizens alike. The illustrations are terrific. This book is full of surprises and got me thinking about the creatures on our planet. The book is illustrated by Kevin Nickolai, a Priory alum from the class of ’97. For more information, go to:


Praying the Psalms in Christ

By Laurence Kriegshauser, O.S.B.


In this book, Father Laurence Kriegshauser, O.S.B. examines the Christian praying of the Psalms, taking into account modern and contemporary research on the Psalms. Working from the Hebrew text, he offers a verse-by-verse commentary on each of the one hundred and fifty psalms, highlighting poetic features such as imagery, rhythm, structure, and vocabulary, as well as theological and spiritual dimensions and the relation of psalms to each other in the smaller collections that make up the whole. The book attempts to integrate modern scholarship on the Psalms with the act of prayer and help Christians pray the psalms with greater understanding of their Christological meaning.

For additional information, go to:


Our Daily Bread

By Ralph Wright, O.S.B.


Fr. Ralph Wright’s latest addition, the eighth in his collection of works, is now available. Our Daily Bread, a blend of poetry and prose, captures a rare glimpse of the Eucharist through two millennia. It offers insights into the mystery of our faith with poems and hymns. The diverse selections range from St. Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians—the earliest-surviving written account of the Eucharist— through St. Francis of Assisi and St. Julian of Norwish, to the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Pope Benedict XVI, with dozens of saints and scholars in between. Enlightening, inspiring, thought- and faith-provoking, this book will be a permanent resource for nourishing and deepening your faith in the Eucharist— “the summit and source” of our life in Christ.


Touched by God: Ten Monastic Journeys

Chapter by Michael Brunner, O.S.B.


In this book, monks and nuns share their personal faith journeys and demonstrate the diversity of ways the Rule of Saint Benedict has shaped their Christian lives. Father Michael Brunner is one of ten contributors to this book. In Chapter Two, A Slow Boat to China, Father Michael gives a deeply personal and honest account of what his journey to monastic life was really like and how it brought him closer to God. In addition, Father Ralph Wright's poem, Waiting, is included as the Epilogue.


The Rule of Saint Benedict 1980 (RB 1980)

Edited by Timothy Fry, O.S.B.


This translation of the Rule of Benedict is a fine piece of scholarship. The English and the Latin are printed on facing pages with extensive notes. The book also includes many articles about monastic history and the Rule. A large appendix has several articles on interpretations of the Rule. Extensive indices facilitate detailed study.


A School For The Lord’s Service

Edited by Timothy Horner, O.S.B.


This book commemorates Saint Louis Abbey’s Golden Jubilee. Every monk contributed an original chapter. In addition a large photo collection traces key figures and events in the fifty year history. The articles and photographs portray the many faces of the Monastery, be they serious, funny, or sublime.


Christ - Our Love For All Seasons
A Liturgy of the Hours for Everyone

By Ralph Wright, O.S.B.


This is an inspiring collection of poems and hymns that betrays the wit and wisdom of a man of prayer. The meditations will provide nuggets of spiritual nourishment for every season of the year.


By Timothy Horner, O.S.B.


This definitive book relates the first twenty years of the history of Saint Louis Abbey. From its humble origins to its proud independence, the author describes the toil and the loyalties that built this Monastery from the ground up.